How Do You Say “While You’re at It…” in One Vietnamese Word?

While you are at it, please make me a hot tea! How do you say that in Vietnamese?

While in English, it takes a few words, all you need is one word to express that idea. The word is SẴN. The dictionary definition may immediately explain the word “SẴN” as “available” or “ready”, but that’s another usage.  Here you can use the word at the beginning without using a subject to express “while you are at it”.

So the answer to the question at the beginning of this article is” “Sẵn pha giùm anh/em/chị/tao ly trà nóng!” How simple is that?

Anh/chị/em/tao are the second person pronoun “you”, depending on the relationship between the speaker and the listener. While we are at it, you might wanna learn different Vietnamese pronouns if you haven’t done so. (Sẵn học luôn đại từ nhân xưng tiếng Việt nhé?) 

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