Ăn trái nhớ kẻ trồng cây-Vietnamese Proverbs

Vietnamese proverb: Ăn trái nhớ kẻ trồng cây  (Ăn quả nhớ kẻ trồng cây) 

Translation: When eating a fruit, be grateful to the grower.

Message: We should practice gratitude every day.

Gratitude towards others has been scientifically proven to be a universal human characteristic that can be found in all cultures around the world.  According to Dr. Robert Cialdini, a world-renowned expert on the art of influence and persuasion, people naturally feel obligated to return a favor, thus giving a favor is one effective way to persuade others to do something we want by tapping into this inclination to reciprocity. He also established that individuals go to great lengths to follow this rule as its violation leads to punishment by the social group one is in. Therefore, practicing gratitude is not only a moral thing to do but also economically wise. That’s why thriving businesses are very good at saying “Thank you” to their customers and successful people never to thank others.

Also, being grateful also makes us healthier. The reason is that gratefulness can be extended to not only others but to the universe at large. We can be grateful for being born, for having a healthy body, for being alive and everything else we have no matter how insignificant they may seem to others. This practice of gratitude helps us feel luckier, happier instead of the usual envy and status anxiety that plague millions in today’s materialistic society. In a world full of negativity, any habit that can keep us feeling positive to strive for the betterment of our life should be cultivated.

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