Bầu ơi thương lấy bí cùng, tuy rằng khác giống nhưng chung một giàn-Vietnamese Proverbs

Vietname proverb: Bầu ơi thương lấy bí cùng, tuy rằng khác giống nhưng chung một giàn.

Translation: Despite being of different species, winter melons and gourds are grown on the same structure, in the same place, so they should love each other.

Lesson: We should be tolerant and altruistic towards everyone around us, regardless of their origins.

As humans, we actually have more similarities than differences. With the Internet and cheaper air travel, we now have more opportunities than ever before to come into contact with people from all walks of life and from all over the world, which allows us to witness for ourselves that no matter where we are from, we basically share the same earth, dress in similar ways, eat similar foods and use similar machines to function every day. Regardless of our skin color, we all desire the same things: basic material possessions (and some luxuries if possible) and experiences such as traveling, trying new cuisines, and most important of all, we all want to be understood, respected and loved. This shared human experience should be reason enough for us to make a daily attempt to practice compassion for others and show that we care for others, albeit strangers. In writings and speeches by the Dalai Lama, compassion and love are frequently mentioned as crucial to our happiness, the truest meaning of life.

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