Cá không ăn muối cá ươn, con cãi cha mẹ trăm đường con hư-Vietnamese Proverbs

Vietnamese proverb: Cá không ăn muối cá ươn, con cãi cha mẹ trăm đường con hư

Translation: Fish without salting will go rotten, children who disregard parental advice will inevitably go astray.

Lesson: Listen to your parents and learn from their wisdom when you have not developed your own.

When we are teenagers, we tend to think our parents are old-fashioned, conservative, misinformed, self-righteous old people who unjustly impose their will on us. Adolescents today are more prone to this pitfall now that they have the Internet to look for information and this may give them the illusion that Professor Google knows it all, and thus no reason to listen to their parents. Well, Google is great, but it doesn’t have all the answers to the vast array of problems in life. In fact, Google misses a great deal of information that is hidden in the Deep Web where they cannot access countless databases of information.

Once we are older and wiser, we wish we had listened to our parents’ words and taken their advice as they could have helped us avoid painful setbacks and saved us tons of time and money. Too many people have had to learn important life lessons the hard way. You don’t have to – if you are still young and living with your parents, that is. Next time you parents dispense advice, take it more seriously. Who knows? They may very well be right as they have more years of experience under their belt.

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